With a little planning, you may be able to boost your itemized medical expense deduction when you file your 2024 tax return next year. Only eligible expenses exceeding 7.5% of your adjusted gross income are deductible. It’s not an easy hurdle to clear, short of a major medical disaster, which, of course, you want to avoid. But you can use a strategy called “bunching” medical expenses to exceed the 7.5% threshold.

Say, for example, that you’ve already scheduled surgery that will involve out-of-pocket expenses but you still fall short of the deductible threshold. Think about scheduling elective procedures, such as dental work or Lasik surgery, and making qualified purchases [Topic no. 502, Medical and dental expenses | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)] that will push you over the threshold for the year.

Remember, only the expenses over that amount and that aren’t covered by insurance or paid through a tax-advantaged account will be deductible. Contact the office for help running the numbers.